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Polski, krok po kroku 1 (A1/A2) Podręcznik + e-Coursebook

335 грн.

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Polski, krok po kroku 1 (A1/A2) Podręcznik + e-Coursebook
В наявностіPolski, krok po kroku 1 (A1/A2) Podręcznik + e-Coursebook
335 грн.
+38067 327 2737
  • +38095 702 3926
  • В наявності
  • Код: 9788393073108
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Polski, krok po kroku 1 (A1/A2) Podręcznik + e-Coursebook

Polski, krok po kroku will immerse you in the Polish environment and you will have no choice but to use Polish all the time, in all types of everyday situations. Together with a group of friends from different countries you will live in Krakow the most popular city in Poland, a seat of learning, a city of magnificent monuments, rich cultural life and unforgettable atmosphere. You will quickly discover that this is the place for studying Polish and an ideal location for exceptional holidays. Together you will not only learn the language, but also go shopping, eat in restaurants, cook, visit interesting places and discover Polish culture. Living with a Polish family, you will have the chance to experience Polish hospitality and become familiar with Polish customs. Experienced and enthusiastic teachers, who treat their work as a genuine passion, will show you the ins and outs of the Polish language.

Polski, krok po kroku is written only in Polish, as this method of presenting a new language brings the best results. It leads students into the language system in a natural way and from the very start encourages you to speak in Polish. As this handbook constitutes a part of a larger interactive course in Polish, available at e-polish.eu , it can equally be used for studying on your own. The website includes comments in different languages and a multimedia dictionary, which allows you to learn without the help of teachers. Next to each exercise in the handbook there is a number which helps you to find the exercise in the Internet course and check the answers, listen to the recordings or do alternative exercises that will help in consolidating the material or explaining any doubts you may have. A special memorisation system shortens the time necessary for learning new words and phrases. Thanks to the large number of illustrations and audio materials, learning comes naturally as it does with children who acquire their mother tongue by observing the world and listening to the sounds that surround them.

  • Мова - Польська мова.
  • Автор - Stempek, I.
  • Видавництво - Glossa.
  • Обкладинка - М'яка.
  • Серія - Polski, krok po kroku.
  • ISBN - 9788393073108.
  • Кількість сторінок - 182.
Вивчення мовиПольський
Користувальницькі характеристики
АвторStempek, I.
Кількість сторінок182
МоваПольська мова
СеріяPolski, krok po kroku
  • Ціна: 335 грн.