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Family & Friends 1 Teacher's Resource Pack (2nd Edition)

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Family & Friends 1 Teacher's Resource Pack (2nd Edition)
В наличииFamily & Friends 1 Teacher's Resource Pack (2nd Edition)
1 062 грн.
+38067 327 2737
  • +38095 702 3926
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Family and Friends Starter offers a carefully graded approach to reading, writing and literacy skills in English to young learners.
Family and Friends Starter gives young learners a solid foundation in English. With a carefully graded reading and writing syllabus, accompanied by a clear phonics programme, the course takes learners from recognizing and tracing letters to writing and reading simple sentences with confidence.

The step-by-step approach of this course and motivating lessons using songs, chants, stickers and story role-playing enable children to progress quickly in English.

Carefully graded reading and writing syllabus helps learners progress quickly from identifying and tracing letters to reading and writing simple sentences
Step-by-step phonics programme introduces sounds in a fun way and supports the reading and writing syllabus
Left-to-right progression practice helps children who use a non-Roman alphabet
Varied activities in every unit and use of songs, chants, story role-playing and stickers make English memorable and suits different learning styles
Extensive range of print and digital support materials for teachers, including tests and assessment
Social and emotional skills are developed to educate the whole child through English

Family and Friends Starter provides a carefully graded approach to reading, writing and literacy skills in English to very young learners.

The structured writing syllabus enables children to progress through the stages in writing development from tracing single letters to independent word writing by end of Unit 9.

The graded approach to reading means children move quickly, and with confidence, from recognizing letters and left-to-right progression in the first unit to reading simple dialogues in the last unit.

The enjoyable phonics programme makes up one third of each unit and helps learners improve their reading and speaking more effectively. The straightforward and fun approach is supported by phonics cards and posters, giving fun opportunities for introducing, practising and reinforcing sounds, helping children to speak with confidence.

Family and Friends Starter uses a clear grammar-based curriculum alongside the skills syllabus and phonics programme. Children practise the grammar that they have learnt through a range of speaking and writing activities.

The course is appealing and motivating for young learners. There are stickers, which are unique to Starter in the series, and fun songs, chants and story role-playing to learn and produce language throughout the book. A story in every unit following the adventures of three children in a happy family helps young learners learn new language in an enjoyable way.

Family and Friends Starter provides teachers with a wide range of integrated print and digital resources, including MultiROM, stickers, phonics cards and posters, tests and iTools CD-ROM. The varied resources suit all teaching situations and meet the needs of students with different learning styles.

With the MultiROM, children can continue learning English at home, and parents can support and reinforce the learning that is taking place at school. The MultiROM includes extra grammar and language practice, and all the songs, chants, and vocabulary from Family and Friends Starter.

Family and Friends Starter develops the whole child, too. The strong values syllabus helps children develop their social and emotional skills.

Производитель  Oxford University Press
Страна производительВеликобритания
Изучение языкаАнглийский
  • Цена: 1 062 грн.